Data-Limited Methods Toolkit (DLMtool)

A transparent and efficient way to evaluate and apply management strategies for data-limited fisheries.

DLMtool at Work

U.S. Fisheries

FAO Training Series

California Fisheries

Canadian Fisheries

MSC Certification

DLMtool Features

Dozens of Peer-Reviewed & Published Data-Limited Methods

Including both output controls (e.g., total allowable catch) and input controls (e.g., spatial, effort, size)

Rapid Execution

Pre-tested code and parallel computing for speed and efficiency

Improves Data Collection

Prioritizes data collection priorities to ensure the biggest bang for the buck

Open Access

Free R software package enables users to share code for easy collaboration


Quickly add new management procedures, performance metrics, and fishery types to accommodate an ever-expanding universe of fishery management problems

Flexible MSE Model

Saves time developing new MSE frameworks

Clarity & Transparency

Provides clarity in decision-making and promote transparency, credibility, and increased buy-in from stakeholders

DLMtool Applications

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Data-Limited Methods