The Data-Limited Methods Toolkit (DLMtool) is a collaboration between the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Centre and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  The idea of the Toolkit emerged from research examining the diversity of methods used for managing data-limited fisheries in the United States and a management strategy evaluation of their relative performance across a range of fisheries.  In early 2014, a conceptual version of the Toolkit was presented at a workshop of experts from the National Marine Fisheries Service, state agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations to determine its utility and to refine its functionality.  Since then, the Toolkit has been refined and expanded, in large part through testing and evaluation by independent scientists applying it to the fisheries they manage.  See the Toolkit Overview section for more information on its features and functions, as well as Case Studies of where it is being applied.  To get a first-hand understanding of how the Toolkit works, Run the Demo.